jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2011

School Visit

So sorry to disappoint.  I know last time I said that I was talk move about the culture a bit, but we ended up visiting our first school last week that I wanted to show you all pictures of :)

Our group of 23 Peace Corps trainees down here were divided up and we went to 4 different schools that ministry of education had chosen as exceling in their bilingual programs. We definitely got a welcome we didn't deserve!

So after being welcomed like royalty, eating amazing food, watching beautiful dances, listening to incredible music, and learning more about the history and culture of Barranquilla from all the students K-11th Grade (The last school year before University) we then went into a smaller room with just the older students and answered questions and did a few fun English activities. We even taught some yoga as a cultural exchange. Yoga's not very popular here at all, but whenever I mention yoga, people are interested.  The students loved learning a few poses :)

Well, that's enough for one post!  Suffice to say we are all really excited to get out of training and into the schools! Hope you all are doing well and hope to get another blog up soon about my trip to Cartagena! 


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