jueves, 1 de noviembre de 2012

November 1st

Guess what I found out this morning from BLARING music coming from the High School that backs up to where I live?? Today is a holiday in Cartagena!  Imagine that!  (Sorry, internet sarcasm. There are sooooo many holidays here its hard to keep track!)

As I type there is a full fledged celebration happening for a holiday called Angles Somos, or We Are Angels.  This is a holiday brought to Colombia from the Spaniards and has been passed down orally from generation to generation.  In the 1970's this tradition was almost lost, which is why in 1983 the Mayor of Cartagena 'rescued' it with a new tradition of Children's Film Festival and a Parade.

Later in 2007, the city of Cartagena declared November 1 the official day of cultural traditions; a day chosen to rescue tradition, songs, games, and other artistic expression characteristic of the city with significance and cultural value.

So, right now, in schools across the city kids are listening to very loud music, dancing, and celebrating.  (Including many people dressed in black face in order to 'remember' their roots).  Additionally, partly because of November 1st, and party due to the impending 'Carnival' of Cartagena, known as Fiestas Novembrinas, I have to walk around with coins in my pocket at all times to bribe kids from throwing water balloons, flour, and show polish at me!  Hey, I just report what I see, can't say I understand it...

Another of the traditions on this day resembles trick or treating.  However, instead of asking for candy, kids go door to door looking for food.  They carry pots and pans banging up and down the street singing a song asking for food.  We just had our visitors, so check out the video below and enjoy your much more tranquil November 1st stateside!

And here´s a link to the video in case the one above isn´t working!